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Genomics Platform


Welcome to the Genomics Platform

Team & contact

The Genomics Platform team consists of:

You can contact us by email at


You are new to the institute and overloaded with new information. Welcome! Here is the onboarding page for you to get in touch with us and get the onboarding information.

First-time user

You did the onboarding meeting some time ago, but now is the time to actually start your genomics project and you forgot most of what we told you. No worries, send us an email at We’ll schedule a meeting and discuss your project in details!

Project support

The Genomics Plaform operates as a train-to-sequence and ready-to-sequence service for groups at reNEW, CPR, CGEN and ICMM. If you have an open project with the Genomics Platform, you can find some more information here.


Please remember to acknowledge the platform not only on your publications but also on any other internal or external dissemination materials (presentations, posters and similar). More details here.